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Baseball Alumni Reaches Out To Team Via Zoom

Baseball Alumni Reaches Out To Team Via Zoom

May 13th: Peter Karl, class of 2010 & director/producer for Goodform, joined the group to give his perspective on the production industry in Los Angeles and New York. He also spoke about how his journey from Emerson took him around the globe. Karl trekked to South America to shoot a film on the World Cup, then to New York to work for the MLS & Copa 90, and then made his way out to Los Angeles, where he worked freelance for ESPN and Fox Sports. He stressed the importance of the Emerson Network and surrounding yourself with people who bring different strengths to create collaborative teams. 

The student athletes on this call were Gabriel Fields, Ezekiel Telemaco, Ryan McCahan, & Joe Colucci

May 7th: Jared Wyso, class of 2011 & segment producer on NBC's The Voice, asked today's group about their goals and spoke specifically to each student-athlete's goals. Wyso walked the group through his time at Emerson since graduation while giving informative facts about Los Angeles, as well as his perspective. He went on to explain the importance of internships, pushing the influence and importance they have in your career path. 

The student athletes on this call were Gabriel Fields, Ryan McCahan, Ezekiel Telemaco, Joe Colucci and Andre Padovani

April 30th: Lucas Einstein, class of 2007 and current Segment Marketing Director at Fidelity Investments, joined five current members of the baseball team this afternoon. In this Zoom call, Enstein spoke to the team about his time at Emerson and his journey into his career. The group also touched on marketing concepts, content and employment. Also discussed was brands and important elements that are successful in marketing, social media and PR. 

The student athletes on this call were Joe Paladino, Calvin Jacey, Thai Morgan, Joe Colucci and Andre Padovani

April 21st: Former student-athlete and baseball alumni, Nick Coit '11, joined head coach Nick Vennochi and five Sports Communication, Journalism and Markerting major son the baseball team this afternoon on a Zoom call. Coit, the Sports Director at ABC6 in Providence, shared some of his own work alongside current pieces for everyone to look over. The student-athletes also got the opportunity to share their own current work for feedback from Coit. 

Student-athletes on the call included Brian Fisher, Ryan McCahan, Johnny Maffei, Ezekiel Telemaco and Jake Hatch