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Parent's Information


Welcome to Emerson Athletics!


We are excited to have you join our Athletics Family as you watch your son or daughter grow over the next few years.  Letting go can be difficult and we completely understand this is a big transition.  In an effort to prepare your child for their next endeavor we encourage you to urge them to bring concerns they may have to their coach’s directly.  We recognize the instinct for you to pick up the phone or send out an email, but teaching your Student Athlete to be their own advocate is an important life skill and there is no safer place for them to start.  We’ve taken some time to compile some frequently asked questions and information that you may need.  Feel free to direct any questions to Associate Athletic Director Erin Brennen.


Contact Info:

Erin Brennen



Academic Support

Emerson College has tremendous Academic Support that is available to all students at the Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center. All student-athletes are encouraged to use the center throughout their four years.

For more Information or to make an Appointment, Click Here


Sports Medicine

Emerson has a full time Athletic Training staff who are responsible for the health and wellness of all of the student-athletes.  Athletic trainers provide on site medical coverage for all home contests and on campus in-season practices. All student athletes can be seen and evaluated by a member of the athletic training staff for any sport related injury or illness. In case of a medical emergency, it is required that all Head Coaches are CPR and First Aid certified.

Emerson College requires all student-athletes to provide an updated medical history, annual physical exam, and proof of health insurance each academic year. For new students, a physical must be conducted within six months of the start of the practice season. All first-year students are required to have a physical as a condition of enrollment at Emerson; one physical exam may meet both requirements.  We strongly encourage your child to have a physical prior to coming to campus.  The Center for Health and Wellness will perform physicals for student-athletes, however, the availability is limited and your child may have to miss practice while they wait to be cleared.

Visit Sports Medicine, Click Here



The NCAA defines those who support a collegiate athletics program as Representatives of Athletics Interest.  When parents donate, or contribute anything of value to the athletic department or specific athletic program they become a representative of athletics interest and all the NCAA rules applicable to this group need to be followed. Once an individual or organization is identified as a representative of athletics interest, they retain that classification indefinitely. These individuals may not be involved in recruiting, or providing benefits to prospects, student-athletes and the relatives of student-athletes.

An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of athletics interest to provide a student-athlete or their relatives/friends a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Receipt of a benefit is not a violation if it is demonstrated that the same benefit is generally available to the institution’s student body (relatives/friends) determined on a basis unrelated to athletics ability.  It is not permissible for institutions to provide relatives of student-athletes with what is deemed to be an extra benefit.  Examples of this would be a student-athletes family would not be allowed to receive a discounted rate at a hotel that has been arranged by the athletic department and student-athletes are not allowed to accept gifts or services at a discounted rate based on their athletic ability.


It is permissible for parents to provide an occasional meal to an Emerson team.  These meals must be infrequent and for a special occasion.  There are some rules that must be adhered to so if this is something you are considering please contact the compliance officer to discuss.

If a parent wishes to donate to a team please contact the head coach.  They will be certain that all donations are approved by the NCAA and communicate with the institution’s Compliance Officer.

It is not permissible for an institution to provide relatives of student-athletes will meals at any time.  If a team is going out for a team dinner, parents may join the team but must pay for their meal separately.  In addition to that if there is a banquet to which parents are invited.  Parents must pay for the cost of the meal. Institutions are allowed to provide occasional snacks to relatives but not meals.  Institutions are also not permitted to provide relatives of student-athletes transportation.

Violations of NCAA rules can preclude your child from participation do please always ask before you act.




Why does my child have a hold on his account?

All varsity student-athletes participate in the same equipment distribution and return process. When receiving uniforms, each team member signs off on items distributed to them. By signing, each individual student-athlete agrees to accept responsibility for the assigned items until those items are appropriately returned at the end of the competitive season.


Failure to return distributed gear and equipment in accordance with the guidelines and timelines outlined on the contract may result in a financial penalty. A hold will be placed on the student-athletes account and will be lifted once the item(s) are returned or the replacement fee is paid.  Student-athletes who return a teammate’s gear in lieu of their own will still be responsible for the pieces originally assigned to them.


Are varsity athletic team schedules available online?

Schedules for each team are posted at as soon as they are available. All dates and times are subject to change, so please check the Website for the most up to date schedules.

You can add any teams schedule to your calendar, Click Here


Where can I find directions to the different athletic venues?


Click Here for more Details and Directions

  1. Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym

    1. 150 Boylston St. Boston MA, 02116

    2. Lower Level 3

  2. Rotch Field

    1. 30 Randolph St. Boston MA, 02118

    2. Some parking is available on Street


Will the dining halls be open and offering service during the fall preseason and winter training periods?

The dining halls will be open during preseason.  Athletics provides meals to student-athletes living on campus when the dining hall is closed.


When student-athletes arrive early for preseason training, will they move into their permanent residence hall?

Student-athletes arriving for preseason will be permitted to move into their permanent living space.