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Secondary Insurance Paperwork

Per Massachusetts State Law, all students enrolled in an institution of higher education must be covered under a qualifying student health insurance program or be covered under comparable private health insurance plan.  Therefore, in order to participate in varsity athletics, all student-athletes must provide proof of current insurance coverage.  Emerson College provides an Excess Sports Accident Insurance Policy through Bob McCloskey Insurance (BMI Benefits) for injuries received while participating in official practice sessions and/or in an intercollegiate competition.  This policy is offered on an "excess" basis to the student-athlete's primary health insurance policy. 

Please refer to the following document for frequently asked questions regarding the Excess Athletic Accident Insurance policy.

FAQ Sheet

In the event that a student-athlete sustains a sports related injury (during a covered activity) that will require outside medical treatment, an Injury Claim form will be submitted on their behalf by the Emerson Sports Medicine Staff.  The completed Claim Form will be sent to BMI Benefits, the accident policy’s claims company, for covered sports injuries to determine eligibility.  To ensure that claims are covered under the Excess Athletic Accident Insurance, student-athletes are asked to give the billing information to each medical provider prior to every medical treatment and/or service for an athletic related injury. However, if this is not done and a bill ensues, the actions as outlined in the following document must be fulfilled by the student-athlete in order to pay the claim. 

Claims filing procedures